2016-17 P.A. AGM Meeting Minutes

Westgate Parent Association – Annual General Meeting
Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Westgate Mennonite Collegiate

Heidi G., Jodi L., James F. (Staff Rep), Rachel F., Andrew K., Ingrid F., Leni S., Meire Anne T., Trina N., Vanessa F., Trish W., Deanna P., Deb G.
1.0 Welcome – Heidi welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2.0 Approval of the Minutes
• Jodi moved that the Sept 21, 2016 minutes be accepted; Seconded – Trina. Approved and carried.

3.0 Approval of the Agenda
• Jodi moved that the Sept 13, 2017 agenda be accepted; Seconded – Rachel. Approved and carried.

5.0 Review of Financial statement
• Current balance: $18,339.49
• Two fundraisers did better than last year; one did worse. The Momentum fundraiser skews the results last year since it was an added fundraiser.
• Some outstanding invoices to pay: staff appreciation, eCommerce solution, Momentum scholarship.

6.0 Fundraisers
• Same fundraisers as last year; not doing Momentum this year.
o Perogies & Sausage – Oct
o Sobey’s – before Christmas
o Fruit & Cheese – April

7.0 Addition of Volunteers to Slate / Final Nominations for Executive
• Need to confirm church reps – Heidi will find out from Patricia in a few weeks. Need to have in place before the end of September – before perogy & sausage fundraiser.
• Staff appreciation – Trish volunteered – will find someone to help her.
• Cookbook sales – will do again at Christmas – Vanessa.
o Cookbooks will be added on the ecommerce page for every fundraiser.
• All other slots are filled.
• Jodi moved that volunteer slate be accepted; Seconded – Andrew. Approved and carried.

8.0 Election of Executive
• The Executive Slate being presented is as follows:
o Chair: Heidi G.
o Vice-Chair: Jodi L.
o Treasurer: Andrew K.
o Secretary: Rachel F.
• Vanessa moved to elect the Westgate Parent Association Executive Slate for the 2016-17 school year; Seconded – Meire Anne. Approved and carried.

9.0 New business
• Move AGM to end of the school year along with elections.
• Meire Anne moved to change the timing of the AGM to June; Seconded – Deanna. Approved and carried.

10.0 Adjournment
• Meeting adjourned at 7:25pm
• Next meeting: June 2018 – 7pm