Westgate Parent Association Meeting

Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Present: Norinne D. (Chair), Jodi L., Rachel F., James F. (Staff Rep), Jocelyn T., Andrew K., Laura H., Vanessa E., Linda H.


  1. Welcome
    • Welcome and introductions around the table.


2. Approval of the Minutes

    • Jocelyn moved that the January 14, 2020 minutes be accepted; Seconded – Jodi. Approved and carried.


3. Approval of the Agenda

    • Jodi moved that the February 11, 2020 agenda be accepted; Seconded – Linda. Approved and carried.



4.0 Reports

4. 1 Chair/Vice Chair Report (Norinne D./Jodi L.)

      • Pictures were shown of the items purchased from the wish list – tables for the cafeteria and the viola.
      • Older cafeteria tables were donated to Camp Koinonia.


4. 2 Treasurer Report (Andrew K.)

      • Report under fruit fundraiser


4. 3 Staff Representative report (James F.)

      • One-Act plays worked well this year with similar themes throughout the plays.
      • Report cards – Grade 9-12 have access to view their own report cards. Some trouble viewing on their phones – company is looking into this.
      • Staff retreat (Feb 12-14)– making teaching visible.
      • Grade 5 & 6 day went well; open house on Sunday drew largest crowd. Natural light during the day made the school look/feel great. Academic sessions, music session, vocal jazz touring around.
      • Feedback – Westgate felt homey, natural light, beautiful, liked Bob’s message in the introduction. Someone who was non-Mennonite said it put them at ease.
      • Parents joining Westgate from outside the Mennonite community are wondering if there was a session or some way to learn more about the Mennonite heritage.


5.0 Ongoing Business

5.1 Grade Events

  • Grade 6 – update – 25 out of 29 families attended Across the Board.
  • Grade 7 – Zoe R. – February 21 – Flying Squirrel – 5-8pm.
  • Grade 8 – games night March 17 in cafeteria – 7-9pm. Popcorn and candy bar.
  • Grade 10 – April
  • Grade 11 – May



5.2 Fruit Fundraiser

  • Online orders roughly $6300
  • Last year in total ~ $7000 – so looks like we will be above last year’s total.
  • Order 3 cases oranges; 2 cases of grapefruit – extra cases to replace spoiled fruit.



5.3 Staff appreciation (Jocelyn T.)

  • Theme – lunch menus from around the world.
  • Will combine classes by day depending on class size.
  • James will put on Westgate calendar so all is reminded – staff and parents.
  • Emails asking for donations will go out two weeks before spring break. Many reminders will go out since this week happens right after spring break.






6.0 Upcoming and New Business – no new items to discuss






7.0   Adjournment

  • Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.
  • Next meeting: March 11 – 7:30pm @ Westgate.