Westgate Parent Association Meeting

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Present: Heidi G. (Chair), Jodi L., James F. (Staff Rep), Rachel F., Mardina A., Chris Z., Tara M., Richard G., Deb G.


1.0 Welcome

  • Welcome and introductions around the table.

2.0 Approval of the Minutes

  • Jodi moved that the January 9, 2018 minutes be accepted; Seconded – Mardina. Approved and carried.
  • To be noted – We received twice as many tables for the science/art labs because of the damage to one of the loads.

3.0 Approval of the Agenda

  • Jodi moved that the February 13, 2018 agenda be accepted; Seconded – Mardina. Approved and carried.
  • Will move fundraiser discussion to the top of agenda.

6.0 Upcoming and New Business

6.1 Next fundraiser – Mardina A. and Richard G.

  • Subway cookie dough; 36 frozen pucks, $6.80 – profit – $17
  • Muffins (15) – heat and serve – $8.00/tray – profit – $20
  • Richard will enter orders into a spreadsheet; he’ll meet the truck and sort the orders the day of pick-up.
  • 3 weeks from order to delivery. 6 weeks total
  • Share in the cost of incentives – scholarships (with the card), or draws.
  • Committee agreed to go ahead with this fundraiser.
  • Heidi, Mardina & James will decide on dates.

4.0 Reports

4.1 Chair/Vice Chair Report (Heidi G./Jodi L.)

  • Minutes/constitution on website.

4.2 Secretary – no report

4.3 Treasurer Report (Andrew K.)

  • No report

4.4 Staff Representative report – James F.

  • Two open houses – grade 5 & grade 6 day – good response. Lots of good questions.
  • Open house for the community – roughly 10 people attended. Many were interested in sending their kids to Westgate.
  • Google for Education – piloting with all grades – gmail with westgatemennonite.org
    • Parents should have access to see grades
    • Lisa Martin & James Friesen going to Saskatoon in February for conference

5.0 Ongoing Business

5.1 Update on Grade Events

  • Grade 9 event January 8 – sunny day; 50 people; bonfire; some parents dropped off kids. Perhaps make it clear that parents & kids should stay; event for both parents and kids to connect. Community building.
  • Grade 12 event February 25 – booked the Westgate gym. Seven families signed up. Response low so far.
  • Do not be discouraged with low turnout being it is the first year of this initiative.
  • Grade 8 event – March 11th – booked Across the Board restaurant
  • Grade 7 event – April

 5.2 Constitution

  • Has been put on P.A. website for review.

 6.0 Upcoming and New Business

6.1 Staff appreciation – Tara M. and Trish W.

  • Spread out over 4 weeks – starting Feb 28th
  • Won’t overwhelm parents with kids in multiple grades.
  • Theme – wellness for the staff
  • Grade reps – will receive email asking for food donations & volunteers to help set up/clean up.

6.3 Staff wish lists

  • Will seek requests between now and March meeting.
  • Go back to the people we partially funded in fall – they will need to resubmit their request.
  • Do not have all pictures from the fall wish list. James will take pictures of items so we can place on the website.

7.0   Adjournment

  • Meeting adjourned at 7:47pm.
  • Next meeting: Wednesday, March 14th, 2018 – 7pm @ Westgate.