Westgate Parent Association Meeting

Tuesday, January 14, 2020


Present: Norinne D. (Chair), Jodi L., Rachel F., James F. (Staff Rep), Jocelyn T., Andrew K., Linda T., Marnie H., Laura H.


  • Welcome
    • Welcome and introductions around the table.
  • Approval of the Minutes


    • Jocelyn moved that the November 12, 2019 minutes be accepted; Seconded – Jodi. Approved and carried.
  •      Approval of the Agenda


    • Jodi moved that the January 14, 2020 agenda be accepted; Seconded – Jocelyn. Approved and carried.
  •  Reports
  • Chair/Vice Chair Report (Norinne D./Jodi L.)
    • April 14 – will not be able to attend the meeting – may change date? Might be the month for the wish lists.


  • Treasurer Report


    • No Report
  • Staff Representative report (James F.)


    • Week of Jan 21st – exams grade 9-12.
    • One act plays – January 30 & 31.
    • Open house & Grade 5/6 day coming up; open house will be an afternoon on a Sunday as opposed to an evening.
    • Please encourage perspective parents to take part on the shadow days as this is a good opportunity for new kids to experience Westgate.
    • Staff retreat in February – Hecla Island.



5.0 Ongoing Business

5.1 Grade Events

  • Grade 6 – January – Trina A. (new grade rep) – January 26th – 5-8pm – Across the Board
  • Grade 7 – February – Zoe R. – February 21 – Flying Squirrel – 5-8pm



5.2 Staff wish lists

  • Looking at changing our criteria – things wished for will enhance student experience.
  • Computer mice (rechargeable) – $470 – funding not needed since junior council funded this request.
  • Staff will purchase items; submit to Tracey; Tracey then submits to PA.
  • New letter/request form will be sent to staff for next wish lists – needs to be reviewed by executive before sending.
  • Rachel to compile wishlists requests from past 3 years so we can look at trends.



5.3 Gift card fundraiser

  • Full report to come next meeting – Sobey’s numbers look to be down from last year.





6.0 Upcoming and New Business



6.1 Fruit fundraiser

  • Executive will discuss dates and see who can be brought on board to help with fundraiser – currently there is no volunteer(s) to work on this fundraiser.
  • Rachel will contact Bart Boon regarding price for fruit this year.


6.2 Westgate PA Facebook page

  • Another parent asked why we don’t have our own page – We think we have enough exposure via Alexis.


6.3 Staff Appreciation – Jocelyn T.

  • Week of lunches – April 6-9 (leading up to Easter).
  • Will work with Lori to figure out class sizes when combining classes.
  • Google Forms – interactive sign up sheet.
  • Will send out form by grade; will include grade rep.


6.4 Parent Spreadsheet Information

  • Teachers looking for expertise for their classrooms; Parents looking for expertise within the Westgate community – would rather use someone associated with Westgate. Within Westgate ‘yellowpages’; free advertising for your business.
  • Send out Google form in September & February – similar to how student address lists are sent out in September.
  • Form will need to be revised to include businesses only; will not include volunteer/interests/hobbies option.



7.0  Adjournment

  • Meeting adjourned at 8:40pm.
  • Next meeting: February 11 – 7:30pm @ Westgate.