Westgate Parent Association Meeting

Wednesday, May 7, 2019


Present: Heidi G. (Chair), Jodi L., Rachel F., Andrew K., James F. (Staff Rep), Jocelyn T., Mardina A.


1.0  Welcome

·                Welcome and introductions around the table.

2.0  Approval of the Minutes

·       Jodi moved that the March 13, 2019 minutes be accepted; Seconded – Jocelyn. Approved and carried.

3.0  Approval of the Agenda

·       Andrew moved that the May 7, 2019 agenda be accepted; Seconded – Jocelyn. Approved and carried.

4.0  Reports

4.1  Chair/Vice Chair Report (Heidi G./Jodi L.)

·       No report

4.2  Treasurer Report (Andrew K.)

·       $10,900 – bank balance

4.3  Staff Representative report (James F.)

·       “Thanks” from the staff for the staff appreciation week – it was greatly appreciated.

·       James was gone 5 weeks in March/April with the two Middle East trips.

·       Retirements – Karl L., Brent M., Greg T. (October)

·       Garden Boxes – Jarrett/Pat built them this weekend for classes to use; rain barrels placed around the building.

·       Digital report cards – what are people’s reactions?

o   Digital is OK as long as the quality of the comments are the same from the teachers. The principal comment at the end is very well received – it can be typed, as long as it still personal.

·       Parent/teacher interviews happened in the atrium and school hallways as opposed to the gym. Some liked it – felt it was “warmer”; some did not like the setup. With the new set-up could not see when teachers were free/ready for next appointment. There were lots of cancellations this last time.

5.0  Ongoing Business

5.1  Grade Events

·       Grade 11 – June 9

·       Include grade events in daily bulletin so the kids hear about it and encourage parents to go.

5.2  Report – Staff Appreciation (Jocelyn)

·       Parents were great; Staff was very appreciative.

·       Parents donated food, flowers, money, time. Volunteers came at 11 to set up food.

·       Julie W. helped with decorations – staff room looked very festive & inviting.

·       5 canvas prints were presented Thursday – UV laminate coating. Greg/Ryan helped hang the pictures.

·       Parents liked using GoogleDocs to see what was available to sign up. Heidi set up via PA account.

·       Note for next year – If parent is not dropping off food/donation at 8:30am, please let grade rep know it will be coming closer to noon.

6.0  Upcoming and New Business

6.1  Review Google Form for parents/guardians to share talents/expertise

·       Google Form could be filled out by parents/guardians/friends. A spreadsheet will be populated from the form which will allow for easy sorting.

·       Spreadsheet will be available to view (not edit) by Westgate community.

·       Will add dropdown boxes for topic so that sheet can be sorted.

·       Business sheet; volunteer sheet? Or include a tag so can be sorted by business/volunteer?

o   These details and wording will be worked out in a smaller sub-committee.

6.2  Next year’s meeting dates

·       Alternating Tuesday/Wednesday – second week of every month.

·       First meeting Tuesday, September 17th

·       Next meetings: Oct 8 / Nov 13

6.3  Slate of Volunteers/Grade Reps for 2019/2020

·       Grade Reps

o   Grade 6 – (vacant) – event to take place in January

o   Grade 7 – (vacant) – event to take place in February

o   Grade 8 – Susan F. – event to take place in March

o   Grade 9 – (vacant) – event to take place in November

o   Grade 10 – Gord S. – event to take place in April

o   Grade 11 – Monica B. – event to take place in May

o   Grade 12 – Tara B. – event to take place in October

·       Church Reps

o   Douglas – Deanna P.

o   Hope – Stephen N.-R.

o   Sterling – Corrine F. L.

o   First – Monica B.

o   Sargent – Norinne D.

o   Fort Garry – Wendy J.

o   Charleswood – Charlotte M.

o   Bethel – (vacant)

o   Home – (vacant)

o   North Kildonan – (vacant)

o   Springstein – (vacant)

o   Jubilee – (vacant)

o   Springfield – (vacant)

·       Volunteers for PA jobs:

o   Opening program – Norinne D.

o   Perogies and Sausage – Jason G.

o   Sobeys – Vanessa F., Andrew K.

o   Fruit – (vacant)

o   Staff Appreciation – Jocelyn T.

6.4  Nominations for 2019/2010

·       Heidi will not be part of Westgate community next year – rest of executive stays as is. Looking for a candidate to take over as chair.

6.5  Wishlists

·       All are approved as follows – Total = $6064:

o   Commercial stand mixer (Lindsay) – $2200

o   Replacement bladders (Jen) – $290

o   Sunroom carpet (Helen) – $716 + plants

o   Fridge in staffroom (Charlotte) – $1413

o   Music whiteboard (Vic) – $400

o   Fidget Toys (Crys) – $45

o   Computer (Alexis) – $1000

7.0  Adjournment

·       Meeting adjourned at 8:17pm.

·       Next meeting – AGM: Wednesday, June 12, 2019 – 7pm @ Westgate.