Westgate Parent Association Meeting

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 @ Westgate

Present: Heidi G. (Chair), Jodi L., James F. (Staff Rep), Rachel F., Andrew K., Mardina A., Gord S., Susan C., Shannon Z., Rhea M.


1.0 Welcome

  • Welcome and introductions around the table.

2.0 Approval of the Minutes

  • Jodi moved that the October 11, 2017 minutes be accepted; Seconded – Heidi. Approved and carried.

3.0 Approval of the Agenda

  • Jodi moved that the November 8, 2017 agenda be accepted; Seconded – Rachel. Approved and carried.

4.0 Reports

4.1 Chair/Vice Chair Report (Heidi G./Jodi L.)

  • P.A. Website: I communicated with Mike B. (he does the Westgate website) about the thoughts on moving all our information over to the new web page that we have been using for the Perogy and Sausage Fundraiser. He said this can definitely work, and gave me instructions on how to put the agendas and minutes up there for people to read. I’ll work on that hopefully before our next meeting in January! Once I have this up and running, I’ll have Mike remove the P.A. info from the school website. Instead there will just be a link on the school website that directs to our site.
  • Fall workshop:
    • On Oct. 26, our Community Relations Officer, Orlando Buduhan (with the Winnipeg Police Service) spoke to us about the WPS perspective on safety. He covered a variety of topics including the importance of being aware of your surroundings, carrying yourself with confidence, travelling in groups, etc. We had about 15 people in attendance (5 families represented).
    • One question we have coming out of this is how valued these are? Turnout for the last two has been low (no one showed up to the spring 2017 workshop). However, in fall 2016 we had about 30 people show up for the Anxiety workshop. Maybe we’re not choosing the right topics? Maybe the timing is wrong? Maybe we should only do one workshop each year? This could be an agenda item for the new year.
  • Survey results: Nothing earth shaking came out of this. 95 people filled it out. A few key points:
    • Less than 50% of respondents know who is on the P.A. executive.
    • People want to participate in staff appreciation, and as general helpers. Other than that, they’re not too keen.
    • 95% of respondents prefer that we communicate by email over any other method.
    • Some good ideas were mentioned.
    • Now… what are we going to do with this information?

 4.2 Secretary – no report

4.3 Treasurer Report (Andrew K.)

  • $23846 balance; received all online payments
  • Still to pay: perogy/sausage bills; Bethel receipt for opening program; Lindsay receipt

4.4 Staff Representative report – James F.

  • Small projects still being worked on: moving lockers, finishing seating areas, signs for elevator, etc.
  • Parking lot lighting – a parent mentioned it is very dark in the morning when dropping off her daughter. James will ask about it.

5.0 Ongoing Business

5.1 Grade reps

  • Grade reps – Events now need to be planned.
    • Grade 6 – need rep – they can pick their month
    • Grade 7 – Nancy S. – April
    • Grade 8 – Susan C. – March
    • Grade 9 – Jodi L. – January
    • Grade 10 – Andrew K./Rachel F. – May
    • Grade 11 – Heidi G. – June
    • Grade 12 – Norinne D. – February
  • Grade rep will liaise between organizer (could be someone other than the grade rep) and PA – PA has all the emails lists by grade.
  • PA will provide drinks/paper products.
  • Grade rep will also organize staff appreciation.

 5.2 Perogy and Sausage Fundraiser

  • $19420 total sales.
  • Decline in sales. Previous two years were just under $25K; last year 22+. Margins came down considerably.
  • Farmer sausage 25% of total sales; margin cut on perogy side – also biggest seller. Perogy profit – $2/dozen; $8 on kilo pack.
  • Revisit promotion through churches.
  • Roughly $10000 from online sales; the rest by cheque.
  • Online system worked as planned – though were hoping for more sales.
  • Maybe we revisit our suppliers; what we are offering.
  • Andrew will go through the orders to see what the biggest sellers were; ratio of sausage vs perogy sales.

6.0 Upcoming and New Business

6.1 Sobeys Gift Card Fundraiser – Shannon Z.

  • Shannon’s last year – easy fundraiser to run.
  • Roll out end of November so cards back before Christmas.
  • Start November 20th; deadline November 29th. Delivered within the week – around December 8th.
  • Cards activated later that day; kids take them home.
  • Will set up online – need to add 3% to cover online costs. This charge will be in the tax portion so people are aware what they are charged for; full disclosure of these additional charges.

6.2 Wish Lists

  • Staff wish list requests granted – will ask that all staff submit pictures so that we can post on our website:
    • Fitness equipment = $1500
    • AV equipment = $1500
    • iPad for Capital Campaign = 50% of cost up to $302
    • Carpet for room 205 = $1500
    • Noise cancelling headphones = 2 @ 90.39 = $180.78
    • Ironing board and sewing kit = $97.71
    • Tables for science/art room = 2 @ $1500 = $3000
    • Band cabinets = $1500
    • Rice cooker = $411

6.3 Meeting nights

  • Meeting in January moved to Tuesday. Will try and alternate between Tuesday & Wednesday in 2018.

7.0   Adjournment

  • Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm.
  • Next meeting: Tuesday, January 9th, 2017 – 7pm @ Westgate.