Westgate Parent Association Meeting

Tuesday, October 8, 2019


Present: Norinne D. (Chair), Jodi L., Rachel F., James F. (Staff Rep), Jason G., Marnie H., Laura H., Vanessa E.


  • Welcome
    • Welcome and introductions around the table.
  • Approval of the Minutes


    • Jodi moved that the September 19, 2019 minutes be accepted; Seconded – Vanessa. Approved and carried.


  •      Approval of the Agenda


    • Jason moved that the October 8, 2019 agenda be accepted; Seconded – Jodi. Approved and carried.


  • Chair/Vice Chair Report (Norinne D./Jodi L.)
    • No report – will be covered later in the meeting.


  • Treasurer Report


    • All is good with the bank account – ~$9000.
    • Couple of outstanding bills to be paid from May wish-lists.
  • Staff Representative report (James F.)


    • Spiritual emphasis week – connected to climate strike.
    • 75% of student body attended climate strike activities.
    • All chapels have been moved to the choral room.
    • Greg T. (building supervisor) is retiring at the end of October.
    • Starting this year, yearbooks will be for grade 9-12. Grade 6/7/8 will each have their own memory book.



5.0 Ongoing Business

5.1 Grade Events

  • Grade 12 – October 27th – corn maze
  • Grade 9 – November 9th – mini golf
  • Grade 6 – January
  • Grade 7 – February
  • Grade 8 – March
  • Grade 10 – April
  • Grade 11 – May
  • There is roughly $50 available per grade to pay for picnic site, drinks, etc; Most grades bring food or go to a place where everyone pays their own way.

5.2 Meet the parent/new parent meeting

  • Room was packed – 85% of new parents attended.
  • Jodi represented the PA.
  • Suggestion for next year – Along with the paper with the pictures of the kids in each grade, please also include a sheet with pictures of the teachers.

5.3 Opening program reception

  • Hall was full – it was well attended.
  • Remind the school that the kids are not supposed to be up in the hall.
  • Next year – only need 4 tables. The two tables towards the back were not used much.
  • Lots of baking left over – perhaps cut down next year? At the same time, it is used up at cyclathon next day. Important to bring extra trays to transport baking to cyclathon.
  • Bethel offered to use china cups this year – and they did the dishes.
  • Will recruit parents who attend the September PA meeting to help clean-up from 6:45-7pm. That way all parents/PA members can get to the starting program at 7pm.

5.4 Perogy/Sausage Fundraiser

  • Dates will be the same as the September minutes.
  • Delivery between 12-1pm – November 14.
  • Will need students to help unload the trucks. Will recruit people in the atrium when the trucks arrive.
  • Will figure out volunteers closer to the pick-up date.
  • Approximately $2200 in sales so far on the online site.

5.5 Staff wish lists

  • Wish lists have been sent to staff; will go over the forms at the November meeting.



6.0 Upcoming and New Business

6.1 New business

  • Parent spreadsheet – Will invite Jeff H. to our next meeting to show us how to use the form/output.
  • Other fundraisers have come to the attention of PA but we are set for the year.
  • Todd D. (Westgate parent) – offered coupon books for sale. We could charge what we want and we would get 100% of the proceeds. He would be donating the books themselves.
  • Jensen Nursery gift cards – 15% profit – will be added to gift card fundraiser.
    • Should we sell gift cards tied from other local businesses? – Something to be discussed next year.
  • December 7th – PA Christmas party – date changed.
  • Dates for next meetings:
    • January 14th 2020
    • February 11th
    • March 10
    • April 14
    • May 12
    • June 9


7.0  Adjournment

  • Meeting adjourned at 8:42pm.
  • Next meeting: November 12, 2019 – 7pm @ Westgate.