Westgate Parent Association Meeting
Wednesday, October 11, 2017 @ Westgate

Present: Heidi G. (Chair), Jodi L., James F. (Staff Rep), Rachel F., Deb G., Yubin H., Nancy E.
1.0 Welcome
• Welcome and introductions around the table.

2.0 Approval of the Minutes
• Jodi moved that the September 13, 2017 minutes be accepted; Seconded – Deb. Approved and carried.
• Jodi moved that the September 13, 2017 AGM minutes be accepted; Seconded – Deb. Approved and carried.

3.0 Approval of the Agenda
• Rachel moved that the October 11, 2017 agenda be accepted; Seconded – Jodi. Approved and carried.

4.0 Reports
4.1 Chair/Vice Chair Report (Heidi G./Jodi L.)
• No report.

4.2 No reports – Secretary

4.3 Treasurer Report (Andrew K.)
• I have an invoice from Mike for the last instalment of setting up the on line system. Final instalment is $525.
• Current bank balance less outstanding cheques not cashed: $17503.79

4.4 Staff Representative report – James F.
• Little changes still going on as teachers & students settle into the new space.

5.0 Ongoing Business

5.1 Grade reps
• Andrew put together an outline of the role and responsibilities.
• Get together by grade to build community. Everyone would bring food to share; PA would supply drinks/paper products.
• Need 2-3 people per grade – send out emails. Some were identified within PA.
• Would like to have them in place for the Nov 8th meeting so the grade reps can attend.

5.2 Perogy and Sausage Fundraiser
• Total on line sales so far: $4998.75. Total on line orders: 56.
• Will need more volunteers for pick-up day. November 15th.

5.3 Online payment system
• The on line system seems to be working fine. The on line system sweeps money out daily. Stripe fees are then deducted and net funds show up in our bank account approximately 1 week later. To date we have had $3342.98 deposited directly to our account.

5.4 Opening program reception
• Noreen D. agreed to take this on until her kids graduate.
• PA is responsible to phone Bethel to arrange coffee service.
• $75 fee for coffee service: coffee/tea/water/milk/coffee/stir sticks/round tables.
• Standing order with Bethel church – can this be ordered when Westgate reserves the church? Pay for use of the banquet hall/rental fee
• Need to ask Lori what the PA owes – invoice is sent to office.
• 25 dozen dainties were brought by families – was enough for the evening.
• Greeter at the door & staff was directing people towards the reception hall. It was a good turn-out.
• Volunteer sign-up sheets worked well – will include job descriptions next year, how many volunteers are needed for each event. Will include grade reps.

6.0 Upcoming and New Business

6.1 Fall Workshop (October 26)
• Community police representative Orlando Buduhan. He will put together an outline to be reviewed by the school and PA.
• He is aware that students come from all over Winnipeg. Many take the bus.

6.2 P.A. Website
• Link from Westgate to our PA website. Move minutes to this website.
• Jodi moved that PA creates & uses their own website; Seconded – Deb. Approved and carried.
• Heidi will talk to Mike about getting the website set up.

6.3 MB Association of Parent Councils
• Committee decided not to join this association.

6.4 Staff Wish Lists
• Wish lists will be sent out this week the from Heidi. Will be discussed at November 8th meeting. Wish requests will be sent to James F.. Due November 1st.
• May wish lists – confirm that all that were promised were purchased. Or if any wishes were promised for this year that they are purchased before the next wish list cycle.
• Need reports/photos from teachers about what they purchased & how it is being used. Will include these reports on the PA website.

6.5 January PA meeting
• January meeting – will move day to Tuesday: Tuesday, January 9th.

6.6 New Parent Potluck
• 10 families attended this evening (Oct 11).
• Lots of activities/events for new families in September. Would like to combine with new parent dinner/open house in September.

7.0 Adjournment
• Meeting adjourned at 8:06pm.
• Next meeting: Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 – 7pm @ Westgate.