Westgate Parent Association Meeting

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Present: Heidi G. (Chair), Jodi L., Andrew K., Rachel F., James F. (Staff Rep), Mardina A., Deb G., Rhea M-S., Heidi R-E., Marnie H., Jason G., Gord S., Ann O., Heidi N-R.


1.0 Welcome

·       Welcome and introductions around the table.

2.0 Approval of the Minutes

·       Jodi moved that the June 5, 2018 minutes from the AGM be accepted; Seconded – Heidi R-E. Approved and carried.

·       Heidi R-E. moved that the May 15, 2018 minutes be accepted; Seconded – Jodi. Approved and carried.

3.0 Approval of the Agenda

·       Andrew moved that the September 19, 2018 agenda be accepted; Seconded – Jodi. Approved and carried.

4.0 Reports

4.1  Chair/Vice Chair Report (Heidi G./Jodi L.)

·       All PA materials on a separate webpage – constitution, fundraisers, minutes. Will try and post pictures of what we do with the money raised.

·       Fundraisers for the year: perogy/sausage (Oct), Sobey’s (Nov), fruit/cheese (spring).

4.2  Treasurer Report (Andrew K.)

·       $8600 in the bank.

·       3 main fundraisers every year to fund school wish lists. Wish lists are submitted twice a year.

·       Sobey’s has reduced their profit from 8% to 6% which would be about $300-500.

4.3  Staff Representative report – James F.

·       Summer work included putting all the grad photos up on the walls, organizing gym storage room.

·       11 Mars Elias students were here in September. They connected well with the Westgate students in various activities including teaching the grade 7’s how to write their names in Hebrew & Arabic and going to a Jets game.

·       Senior High Day was great – most (perhaps all) students attended. Nice to see that all students want to attend this event each year.

·       Grade 9 retreat – Camp Koinonia – lots of activities, youth pastor from Douglas spoke twice a day along with singing.

·       Google Classroom is new this year – will be introduced at New Parent night. But also for all parents – since this is new to all Westgate parents.

5.0 Ongoing Business

5.1 Grade Events

·       Grade 12 in October – Mardina A. – Trivia night at a hotel

·       Grade 9 in November – Gord S.

6.0 Upcoming and New Business

6.1 Opening Program Reception – Norinne D. and Rhea M-S.

·       September 28th – reception @ 6pm

·       Planning for 150 people; church is providing beverage service

·       Ask for donations of goodies – approximately 12 dozen

6.2 Perogy and Sausage Fundraiser – Jason G.

·       Winkler meats – 25% return; 2% above a certain amount

·       Country Perogy shop – return of $2/dozen; $8 large bag

·       Roughly $4500-5000 profit

·       Send out letter – week after cyclothon (Oct 5th) – forms out for Thanksgiving weekend; need over two weekends for the churches.

·       Due back Oct 19th – paper by Oct 17th ; online by Oct 19th

·       Pick up Tuesday Nov 13th

6.3 P.A. Questionnaire for Parents

·       Decided after much discussion not to send out questionnaire to parents asking about what skills or gifts they could share with Westgate.

·       Decided to send out an email asking for help/support when the need arises. i.e. when James asked for Jets tickets for the Mars Elias visiting students, someone stepped up and donated tickets. Similar when asking for help with props for the plays.

·       Another option discussed was to put together an app where people could enter in their business information. That way others within the Westgate community could use resources of other parents/friends of Westgate. The only thing the app wouldn’t be able to do is to include areas of skills or interest (i.e. baking, sewing, music) that parents would be willing to share with the Westgate students.

6.4 Christmas Party – Friday, November 30th

·       2nd annual Christmas party at Jodi and Jason’s house. Open to anyone who has ever attended a PA meeting.

7.0   Adjournment

·       Meeting adjourned at 8:25pm.

·       Next meeting: Tuesday, October 9th, 2018 – 7pm @ Westgate.