The Westgate Parent Association invites you to help raise funds to support staff and students through our Sobeys/Safeway and Red River Co-op Gift Card Fundraiser!

These Gift Cards are great to give as Christmas Gifts, or simply just a way to complete your grocery shopping.  Whatever dollar amount you purchase in gift cards is the same amount you will have available to spend.  Westgate receives up to 6% back from Sobeys, and up to 10% back from Red River Co-op depending on the total amount of gift cards sold.

There is a 3% transaction fee for online orders only.

Orders are to be completed by Wednesday November 28th.


Westgate Parent Association


P.S.  The Perogy and Farmer Sausage Sale had over $23,000 in total sales, and over $5000 in profit.  All funds will benefit staff and students at Westgate!