About the Westgate Parent Association

Welcome to the Westgate Parent Association! We exist to support the staff, students, and families of Westgate Mennonite Collegiate. We do this in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Planning events for each grade, to which all families with children in that grade are invited. Recognizing that we are geographically dispersed throughout Winnipeg (and beyond) we value the opportunity to get to know the other families in our children(s) grade.
  2. Implementing various fundraisers throughout the year. The proceeds from these fundraisers are used to support the staff and students of Westgate. We work collaboratively with them to determine what needs exist that can benefit from our funds.
  3. Planning annual staff appreciation events. The staff at Westgate work incredibly hard every day to help our students grow and achieve success. It’s a pleasure to be able to show our thanks for their hard work!

All parents and guardians of Westgate students are members of the association and are welcome to attend our meetings, which take place on alternating Tuesdays and Wednesdays of each month (the school calendar includes these dates, and reminder emails go out prior to each meeting).

We welcome your help in any way you can give it. If you would like to volunteer with the Parent Association, or have any questions please email us at PA@WestgateMennonite.org.