Westgate Parent Association Constitution

SECTION 1       Name

The name of the organization shall be Westgate Parent Association, hereinafter referred to as “the Association.” Or “P.A.”


SECTION 2       Mission Statement

The Association will work in co-operation with students, school staff, parents/guardians and members of the Westgate Mennonite Collegiate board and community in the following ways:

  • As a means of sharing parental perspectives on issues.
  • As a means of circulating information about the Parent Association and related activities.
  • As a liaison between the school, parents, community and other school support organizations for the purpose of information-sharing and co-operation.
  • As a support for the school community.


SECTION 3       Objectives

The objectives of the Association are:

  • To establish ongoing communication with all parents of the students enrolled in the school
  • To promote community interest, understanding and involvement in the school;
  • To establish a means of regular accountability to the school and community for involvement, activities, Association expenditures and recommendations;


SECTION 4       Code of Conduct

The Association is a place to bring respectful dialogue regarding the goings-on at Westgate.

The Association is not a forum for the discussion of individual school personnel, students, parents or other individual members of the school community.  The Association may direct individuals to the proper channel as per school policies.


SECTION 5       Membership

  1. Eligible members
    • All parents or guardians of students currently attending Westgate Mennonite Collegiate are considered members of the P.A.
    • Voting members are considered to be those in attendance at meetings
  1. Ex-Officio Members (non-voting)
    • Ex-Officio Members (non-voting) shall be the Principal, Vice-Principal, or a staff member of Westgate Mennonite Collegiate; Representatives from Sponsoring Congregations


SECTION 6       Selection of Executive and Committee members of the Association

  1. Selection of Executive
    • A new executive will be elected at the AGM in June.
    • Chair: Elected for a 1 year renewal term up to 3 year maximum term. It is preferred to have a chair stay in office for a 2 year term.
    • Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary; 1 year terms to be elected as follows, if possible:
      • Even numbered years: Secretary, Vice-Chair
      • Odd numbered years: Treasurer
      • It is preferred to have these members also remain in position for 2 years, and have changes made in opposite years to reduce the chance of having a completely new slate.
    • The Parent Association Executive, in consultation with the active association members, shall prepare a slate of at least one candidate for each position if possible/necessary. This slate shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting. Further nominations for any office may be made from the floor.
  1. Selection of Committee members
    • Members will be selected to represent the current committees and activities of the P.A.
      Fall Fundraiser Chair (e.g. perogies), Staff Appreciation Chair, Opening Night Chair,
      Spring Fundraiser Chair (eg fruit/cheese), Cookbook Sales Chair,
      Additional Fundraisers (e.g. Sobey’s), grade parties coordinator.
    • Class representatives: Up to 7 parents/guardians will be asked to volunteer each year, with preference for 1 representative per grade. If more than one representative per grade volunteers, a name will be chosen at random.
  1. Assignments shall take place at the AGM. Descriptions of duties can be found in schedule A. Details of duties can be found in position binders.


SECTION 7       Parent Association Management 

The affairs of the parent Association shall be managed by all voting members and all Ex-Officio Members. Ex-Officio members shall have no right to vote at any meeting of the Parent Association.

The Board limits fundraising at the P.A. level to 3 events per school year.


SECTION 8       Vacancy

Vacancies during the term may be filled by appointment by the Executive for the balance of the term.  The position will come up for election at the next Annual General Meeting. Vacancies occur if the member resigns or is removed


SECTION 9       Removal of Parent Association Executive Members

Executive members will be removed if that member:

  • has been absent for four consecutive meetings
  • contravenes the Parent Association Code of Conduct, Westgate School code of conduct, or the Board code of conduct.


SECTION 10     Committees

Standing Committees of the Parent Association may be struck as needed.


SECTION 11     Meetings of Parent Association

  1. Annual General Meeting:
    The Annual General Meeting of the Parent Association shall be held in June with the intent to hand off the duties of the Association to the new chair in order to ensure a timely beginning to P.A. proceedings in the fall.
  2. Regular Meetings:
    Regular Meetings shall be held on a monthly basis for a maximum of 10 and minimum of 7 meetings.  There will be one meeting during the first two months and during the last two months of the school year.
  3. Special Meetings:
    The Executive may call Special Meetings of the Parent Association whenever it is deemed necessary or desirable.
  4. Quorum:
    At all regular Parent Association meetings, quorum shall be defined as a minimum of 5 members including a minimum of two Executive members.
  5. Decisions requiring motions:
    Decisions shall be made in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order. In the case of an equality of votes, the chair of the meeting shall not have a second or casting vote and the motion shall not pass.  All votes at any such meeting shall be taken by ballot if so demanded by any member present, but if no demand is made, the vote shall be taken in the usual way by assent or dissent by show of hands.
  6. Notice of Meetings:
    Members shall be given advance notice of the Annual General Meeting, monthly meetings, and any Special Meetings and Events of the Parent Association via emails and notices on the Westgate website.



SECTION 12     Financial Processes

  1. The Parent Association and all associated financial accountability and policies shall be governed by Westgate Mennonite Collegiate financial policy.
  2. The bank account shall be kept in the name of the Parent Association at such financial institution as the Parent Association may by resolution from time to time direct.
  3. The signing officers shall be any two of the following: Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, or Business Manager of Westgate Mennonite Collegiate.
  4. The Parent Association accounts can be audited by the auditors of Westgate Mennonite Collegiate June 30 of each year shall be the fiscal year end.


SECTION 13     Amendment

Amendments to this document may be made in the following ways.

  1. The Association may amend or repeal any bylaw with a resolution at a meeting, with these amendments being in effect only until the next AGM at which time they can be confirmed. If not confirmed, amendments cease to have effect from that time forward.
  2. Amendments shall be confirmed at the AGM or Special meeting with a two thirds majority vote cast in favour.


Schedule A

Duties of Executive Members – General

-See position binders for more details.


  • Shall call and preside at all Parent Association council meetings.
  • Shall attend all Westgate board meetings as the Parents’ Association representative and give updated reports on the association’s activities.
  • Shall keep the parents informed about events, give notice about meetings, fundraisers, and special needs that may arise through general emails.
  • Shall write an “Annual report” for the Mennonite Educational Society Annual General Meeting.

See detailed job description.



  • Shall attend all Parent Association council meetings.
  • Shall stand in for Chair when he/she is not available.
  • Shall be responsible for the workshops

See detailed job description.



  • May attend all Parent Association council meetings.
  • May assist any ad hoc committees.



  • Shall attend all Parent Association council meetings and keep minutes of the same.
  • Shall send a copy of these minutes to the Parent Association Chair for distribution prior to the next meeting.



  • Shall provide a regular written report at all Parent Association council meetings.
  • Shall make all bank deposits, payments, withdrawals, transfers, etc.
  • Shall keep an accurate ledger of accounts and balance at month end.


Original Revision 1994
Second Revision November 18, 2009
Third Revision 2013
Fourth Revision November 2014
Fifth Revision March 2015
Sixth Revision April 2016